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Georgia, a country in the south Caucasus, is tiny but offers a wide variety of climates. For instance, the snow in the far-off Tusheti area may still be frozen, even though Tbilisi and other surrounding towns can burn in the sun. The best time to go climbing or hiking in Georgia is during the summer when access to mountain roads and routes is assured. A visit to the coastal region of Batumi is also appropriate at this time. It’s essential to remember that the two weeks directly following Easter are generally when travel demand is typically at its highest.

On a trip to Georgia, various activities are available, like seeing the state by car and dining on some delectable foods. The nation offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all types. Visitors interested in history can go to Uplistsikhe, Gergeti Trinity Church, and Narikala Fortress, among other locations. Adventure sports include climbing, horseback riding, skydiving, excavation, rafting, and hunting. You may also indulge in the magnificent gastronomic treats of Georgian food and discover Tbilisi’s nightlife.



Like most other destinations in the globe, we would prefer that you visit Georgia during March and May and September and November. Since there aren’t many people in Georgia, to begin with, you’ll find the mildest weather, fewer tourists, and the broadest range of lodging options here.

Due to their southern position, Tbilisi and Kutaisi experience mild winters that last only a few months (the coldest months being December and January). On a trip to Georgia in late November and March, you must still pack appropriate winter attire. If you wish to benefit from one of Europe’s most reasonably priced ski resorts, winter is a popular time to travel there. On the other side, Georgia’s summers may be sweltering, with the capital and lower parts seeing highs of 35–40°C (95–102°F), with the mountains offering some respite.



Dubai is well known for its upscale shopping, cutting-edge architecture, vibrant nightlife, and endless deserts. A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete or enjoyable without taking part in the breathtaking camel ride and meal known as the Dinner In Desert Dubai. Dubai is a stunning city that has gained notoriety for various things. The area’s fame, though, comes from the breathtaking desert. Furthermore, if you wish to visit Dubai but skip a desert safari, you are missing out on the most pleasing Dubai experience.



You may ride on the hump of a camel to get up and personal with friendly, hospitable camels and learn more about the significance of the phrase “ship of the desert” on a dinner in desert Dubai. While on a solo trip, take advantage of the complimentary refreshments, including Arabian Qahwa, Special Tea, Coffee, and an endless supply of soft beverages. Traditional and straightforward temporary body art for beginners is hand henna tattooing. You may take in our energetic live entertainment performances, including fire shows, Tenora dance routines, and belly dancing by our fantastic hand-picked performers. For vegetarians and meat eaters, there are separate sections of the meal.

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