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November 4, 20220


Dubai is a fantastic place to travel. When deciding how to spend your holiday, you have several options. But nothing compares to riding a quad bike through the desert. The quad biking desert safari in Dubai is a more recent iteration of the off-road adventure. Going on a quad bike safari through the desert in Dubai is a great joy. A quad bike is a fantastic option for anyone who has a desire for adventure since it can slake both their demand for speed and their hunger for exploration.

An off-road motorcycle with four wheels is known as a quad bike. People like the rush of power and adventure, and a quad biking safari in the desert benefits individuals who wish to explore their surroundings or go on a safari.


Board the comfy land cruiser we have arranged for you to begin your evening desert safari tour. Then we’ll take you on an exhilarating evening desert safari trip in Dubai. You may drive through the red dunes extremely quickly while the windscreen becomes clouded with sand during an exciting red dune desert safari session in the Lahbab desert. Enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the golden gold dunes and record it with your camera to save the memories. Sand can be splashed in the air while riding a sandboard across the red dune desert adventure for the more daring. By having the chance to enjoy quad biking, camel riding, and dune bashing while exploring the vast desert, you will have a fantastic experience.

Camel Riding

You can put all your troubles behind you during this adventure. One of the most intense and incredible experiences is dune bashing. Make your way through the red dune safari, leaving a sand path in your wake. If you go with family or friends, it will be a wonderful experience. You will receive all the gear and safety supplies our experts require to provide a pleasant and safe riding experience. While lengthier sessions can be reserved for an additional fee, the typical Desert Dune Bashing and quad biking sessions in Dubai last 45 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively.



The Camel Riding Desert Safari embodies Arabian culture. We have scheduled a camel ride to grasp the vast desert better and learn about the local culture in the Dubai desert.

Early morning is the ideal time to go on a camel ride and a desert safari. Camels have a long history of usage in the desert as working and riding animals because of their strength and intelligence. You may enjoy a trip that will give you a unique perspective of the Arabian Desert’s scenery via our Early Desert Safari Journey Package. We’ll take you from your hotel, home, or another location and transport you to a brand-new adventure-filled universe filled with thrill and adrenaline. In an air-conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser, you will first experience dune bashing.



The camel safari experiences in Dubai are popular with tourists. This mode of transportation is the oldest and most basic. Your exhilarating journey across the dunes will begin after being picked up by one of the expert drivers and driven towards the Dubai wilderness for a camel ride safari. Sit here on humps of the well-trained camels while you ride around all the desert ships, taking in the irregular dunes and beautiful surroundings. Feel the rhythm and heat.

Camel rides are common vacation pastimes in the desert. At the beautiful daybreak, you can see Dubai’s dunes. The cherry on top is an exhilarating desert safari camel ride while they observe the crimson dunes.

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