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The Desert Safari, a unique adventure experience that includes dune-bashing, is conducted in a large vehicle. There are dunes everywhere in the desert, and since they are continually moving, new dunes are being formed every minute. Although driving on sand might be challenging, sturdy vehicles like 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are designed to handle these challenging dunes.

Numerous additional activities are part of the Dubai Desert Safari, both at the campground and in the desert. Some offered activities include sandboarding, visiting a nearby camel pasture, or observing the sunset in the desert. At the camp in the desert, guests will experience meals, sheesha smoking, belly dancing, and Tanura dancing.



At Magical Dubai, you’ll find the widest variety of Trips & Desert Safaris in Dubai. As a tour operator in Dubai, we are among the most dependable. Dubai’s most magnificent excursion, the Dubai Desert Safari, is what draws tourists to the city. Magical Dubai Tourism is happy to provide a variety of budget-friendly packages for visitors. Dubai’s well-known desert safari ensures they get the most from their experience.

Any desert safari choice can transport you to a world of glorious dawns. (Morning Desert Safari), elegant sunsets (Evening Desert Safari), or bright stars that light up the night sky (Overnight Desert Safari). The best thing is that you can have this pleasure for very little money. We keep our pricing cheap because we care about your wallet.

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Visit our Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai to discover the breathtaking sights of the Arabian Desert. Including live entertainment and arts and events, it will be the most thrilling voyage for travelers. Drive a luxurious land cruiser out of the busy metropolis and into the tranquil desert; once there, have a leisurely rest break before continuing. Stop in the dunes to unwind, enjoy the view, and capture pictures of the unique moments. By being welcomed at camp traditionally using Arabic tea and coffee, visitors will experience the comfort of Arabian hospitality. In addition to seeing the belly dance and taking a camel ride, you can also sandboard across the dunes and participate in various forms of entertainment while eating.



Any place in Dubai or Sharjah, hotel, or apartment is where we’ll take you up and leave you off. Relax and indulge in a dune-bashing trip over the spectacular red dunes of the desert, and take additional pleasure in every moment of this unforgettable experience. You will learn about the magnificent and distinctive red dunes on this 6- to 7-hour desert tour and dune-bashing adventure. This adventure is a risky 45-minute dune bashing trip across the red dunes of the Al Lehbab desert with a qualified professional driver from Safari.

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