Rugged mountains, rivers, valleys, and meadows have made Georgia a stunning nation. This beautiful nation is located in the Caucasus region and has untouched natural beauty and its own culture. The country is perfect for leisurely traveling, hiking, and trekking. The countryside is still dotted with charming towns and villages, while modern cities like Tbilisi, Batumi, and Borjomi are incredibly captivating and photogenic. Georgia is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Europe where you can walk freely, and its tourism industry is rapidly growing. Authentic experiences are also available to you, such as eating local food and mingling with the locals.

A trip to Georgia offers a wide range of activities, from driving around the nation to simply enjoying the delicious Georgian cuisine. Every type of traveler can find something to enjoy in the country. History lovers can visit Uplistsikhe, Gergeti Trinity Church, Narikala Fortress, and other sites. Hiking, horse riding, paragliding, caving, rafting, hunting, and other adventure activities are available. You can also taste Georgian food and its incredible culinary delights and explore Tbilisi’s nightlife.



We would prefer you to visit Georgia in the shoulder seasons between March-May and September-November, just like most other places in the world. Here is where you will experience the mildest weather, fewer crowds (though there aren’t many crowds in Georgia, to begin with), and the most availability regarding accommodation.

Because of its southern location, winters in Tbilisi and Kutaisi are relatively short (the coldest months are December and January) and not particularly snowy. Suitable winter clothing is still required if you travel to Georgia between late November and March. Winter is also a popular season to visit if you want to take advantage of some of Europe’s most affordable ski resorts. On the other hand, Summers in Georgia may be scorching, with temperatures in the lower regions and capital reaching well above 35-40 degrees Celsius (95-102 degrees Fahrenheit), with the mountains providing some relief.



Georgia is located in the south Caucasus, and though it is a small country, it experiences several different climates. For instance, while there may be times when Tbilisi and other cities are baking in the heat, the yet snow in the remote Tusheti region may not have melted. If you want to do a lot of hiking or trekking while in Georgia, summer is the best time because it is the only time when mountain routes and roads are sure to be available. Additionally, it is the ideal time to visit Batumi’s coastal region.

It’s essential to remember that if you do decide to travel in the spring, the few weeks immediately after Easter frequently see high travel demand. That’s why people from nations that observe Orthodox and Catholic/Protestant Easter can go to Georgia during their time off.



You will likely enter Georgia by plane unless you travel overland via Russia, Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan. You can fly to one of the three major airports in Batumi, Kutaisi, or Tbilisi. Make Georgia your destination, and everyone will want to go with you. Explore a variety of cultures and stunning natural settings, from deserts to tall mountains.

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