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December 9, 20220


Driving a large truck across dunes is part of the peculiar excursion known as the Dubai Desert Safari. Dunes are everywhere in the desert, and new dunes are constantly growing since they are ever-changing. Although driving on sand can be complex, large vehicles such as 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are designed to navigate this rugged terrain. The Dubai Desert Safari offers a wide range of optional activities in both the desert and the campsite. Visits to camel farms, sandboarding, and watching the desert sunset are just a few available activities. At the desert camp, guests are welcome to engage in feasts, sheesha use, belly dance, and Tanura dancing.


Magical Dubai offers the most outstanding selection of excursions and beach safaris in Dubai. We are one of the most well-known tour operators in Dubai. Visitors are attracted to the Dubai Desert Safari, the most breathtaking adventure in the city. Magical Dubai Tourism offers a variety of affordable packages for travelers to select from. They take advantage of Dubai’s well-known desert safari to make the most of their stay.

Any option for a desert safari can take you to a realm of Beautiful dawns (Morning Desert Safari), dreamy dusks (Evening Desert Safari), or the starry vastness of the night sky (Overnight Desert Safari). The fact that this fun is pretty priced is the finest part. We care about your pocketbook. Thus we keep our prices low.

dubai desert safari


Join us in Dubai for a Red Dune Desert Safari to view the breathtaking scenery of the Arab Peninsula. Travelers will have the most exciting journey thanks to live entertainment, the arts, and events. After a little respite, depart from the bustling city and go on a stunning land cruiser toward the serene desert. Stop in the dunes to relax, take in the scenery, and record remarkable moments. Arabic tea and coffee will be served to guests at camp as a customary welcome, letting them feel at home in the warmth of Arabian hospitality. In addition to these activities, you may dine while riding a camel, see a belly dance performance, sandboard around the dunes, and engage in several other activities.


On this journey, you can leave all of your problems behind you. Dune bashing is one of the most exciting and engaging activities. As you traverse the red dune desert safari, leave a sand path. It will be a wonderful experience if you travel with family or friends. Our professionals will provide the tools and safety equipment you need for a safe and pleasurable riding experience. Standard quad riding and desert dune bashing sessions in Dubai last 45 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively; you can request longer sessions for an extra charge.

We will pick you up and drop you off at any hotel or apartment in Sharjah or Dubai. Ride across the stunning red dune desert safari as you unwind and have fun dune-bashing. We guarantee that the holiday experience will stay with you forever. Throughout our 6- to 7-hour sand adventure and dune-bashing experience, you will discover more about the beautiful and unusual red dunes. You will ride with a highly skilled Safari driver for the 45-minute dune-bashing expedition over the red dune of the Al Lehbab desert.

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