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The upscale shopping, cutting-edge architecture, vibrant nightlife, and endless deserts of Dubai are well-known attractions. Until you participate in the DINNER IN DESERT DUBAI, which includes a lovely camel ride and dinner under a starry sky, your exploration of Dubai will be lacking and joyless.

Since it began to welcome visitors in the early 1990s, Dubai has been renowned for its shopping, beaches, and opulent hotels. Your trip won’t be complete or enjoyable unless you participate in supper in the Dubai desert. This unique event involves a camel ride and an evening meal under the stars.


You may experience a tranquil, modern-day desert trip with all the benefits of a desert safari. The supper in the desert includes a visit to an established desert camp, a falcon show, the opportunity to capture photographs as the sun sets, a camel ride, henna painting, shisha, unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water.

We’ll make arrangements for you to have a private dinner once you’ve gotten your fill of entertainment. You may select from Middle Eastern meals, including grilled meats, bread, rice, and fresh salads, while dining al fresco beneath the stars. Your trip will be made memorable by the belly dance performance and the breathtaking Arabic music that goes with it because “when a dancer performs, melody transforms into an established carriage, expressions turn into fuel, as well as spiritual experiences an existing journey to an imaginary magical world where every aspiration becomes a conquest.” Dinner in desert Dubai is the best way to make your trip to Dubai memorable and something you will remember for a long time.

dinner in desert dubai


Dubai is a fantastic vacation spot. You have many options regarding how you want to spend your trip. But nothing compares to riding a quad bike across the desert. A more modern take on the off-road experience, riding a quad bike over the desert in Dubai as part of Magical Dubai’s quad biking desert safari is an incredible rush. The quad bike is a great way to satisfy your need for adventure since it satisfies your demand for speed and your thirst for new experiences.

A quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle with the capacity to travel off-road. For those who love the thrill of speed and adrenaline, a quad-riding desert safari is an excellent opportunity to explore your surroundings or embark on an adventure.


The thrilling midnight desert safari tour in Dubai will begin as soon as you board the opulent land cruiser we have prepared for you and head out towards the desert. On a fantastic safari bashing excursion through the Lahbab desert, you may soar over the red dunes as the windscreen fills with sand. To preserve the memories, take a breathtaking sunset over the golden dunes. You may sandboard through the red dune desert safari while launching sand into the air if you’re feeling very daring. While exploring the vast desert, you will have a fantastic experience trying quad biking desert safari, camel riding, and dune bashing.

Because of this journey, you may set aside all the concerns you’d want to overlook while on vacation. The wildest and most incredible experience is dune-bashing. As you sprint across the desert safari on the red dunes, leave a sand trail in your wake. If you go with family or friends, it will be a beautiful experience. Our experts will supply you with all the tools and safety materials need to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding session. The ordinary quad bike session at the Dubai Desert Safari lasts 20 minutes, but the typical desert dune bashing session in Dubai lasts 45 minutes. For a fee, longer sessions can be scheduled.

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