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The city of Dubai is renowned for its high-end shopping, avant-garde architecture, exciting nightlife, and unending deserts. Without taking part in the spectacular camel ride and dinner under a starry sky known as the dinner in desert dubai, a visit to Dubai would be insufficient and joyless. With all the advantages of a desert safari, you may have a peaceful, present-day desert adventure. An established desert camp visit, a falcon display, the chance to take pictures as the sun sets, a camel ride, henna painting, shisha, unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water, and many more exciting activities are all included in the dinner in the desert package.



When you’ve had your fill of entertainment, we will arrange for you to have a private supper with all necessities and enjoyment. While you eat outdoors under the stars, you may choose from Middle Eastern dishes such as grilled meats, bread, rice, and fresh salads. Because “when a dancer performs Belly and Tanura Dance Shows, melody transforms into an established carriage, expressions turn into fuel, as well as spiritual experiences an existing journey to an imaginary magical world where every aspiration becomes a conquest,” your trip will be made memorable by the belly dance performance and the breathtaking Arabic music that goes along with it. The ideal method to make your trip to Dubai special and one you will remember for a long time is to have dinner in the desert.

dubai desert safari


A strong vehicle is used for the unique adventure trip known as the Desert Safari, which incorporates dune-bashing. There are dunes throughout the desert, and since they continually move, new dunes are being formed every minute. Although driving on sand might be challenging, sturdy vehicles like 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are made to handle these scary dunes.

Several ancillary activities are included with the Dubai Desert Safari, both at the campsite and in the desert. Some offered activities include sandboarding, visiting a nearby camel farm, and watching the sunset in the desert. At the camp in the desert, guests may enjoy meals, sheesha smoking, belly dancing, and Tanura dancing.



The most extensive and varied selection of Adventure Tours and Desert Safaris in Dubai can be found at Magical Dubai. We are the most reliable tour company in Dubai. Visitors to Dubai are drawn to the Dubai Desert Safari because it is the city’s most amazing trip. For travelers to Dubai’s Famous Desert Safari, Magical Dubai Tourism is pleased to provide a selection of affordable packages, ensuring that they get the most out of their trip. You can be enchanted by perfect dawn (Morning Desert Safari), a graceful sunset (Evening Desert Safari), or the brilliant stars illuminating the sky at night by choosing any Desert Safari option (Overnight Desert Safari). The best part is that you don’t need to spend much money to enjoy this pleasure. Because we are concerned about your budget, we maintain cheap prices.

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